We Make Games !

We are an independent game studio located in Lannion, Brittany, FRANCE.

Our aim is to fully develop appealing HTML5 and mobile games for your targeted audiences.

Sushee can provide outsourcing solutions for your game projects.
Game design, graphics and development, from prototyping to release.

We love games, we really love them. We want to create good games. Not the best ones, simply fun, addictive yet deep games. And if you have fun 10 minutes or 10 hours with our games, we'll be happy. Just happy.
Play Yellow Things Run! HTML5 game

Yellow Things Run !

Aidez notre petit personnage jaune à manger le plus de steak possible, et finir indemne les niveaux de ce jeu à 100km heure !

Play Mr. Dodge! HTML5 game

Mr. Dodge!

Our latest release is a platform game that will put your nerves on the edge. Expect hair-trigger jumps along with spikes where there shouldn't be. Will you be strong enough to challenge this 3-levels demo?

Play Project Blaze Zero! HTML5 game

Project Blaze Zero

You are alone against many... your chances of survival are close to zero. Will you have the courage to face the final boss of this demo level?

Play Kazeki Hunter! HTML5 game

Kazeki Hunter

You are a miner, but not the kind to make lace. You need to find fossils buried through two levels of this pre-release dynamiting blocks that block the passage.

Play Robotcog Escape! HTML5 game

Robotcog Escape

Will you be skillful enough to help our robotic friend find all the gears scattered throughout the two levels of this demo?